Anniversary Edition Watches

Anniversary Edition Watches

We put pins on the calendar to remind us of something that matters to us. An anniversary is a chance to re-connect with someone or something. This is true in personal relationships. We take the time to celebrate something together. Watchmakers are fond of marking the launch of their iconic references as a way to celebrate the impact a watch makes. Collector’s say makers reward their most loyal clients with exclusive pieces. In a way, anniversary models are a way to reconnect a client to the brand and even strengthen the bond between loyalist and company.

Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Omega Anniversary watches



SUBMARINER ref 16610lv aka KERMIT

Rolex marked 50 years of production of their Submariner. Just in case you weren’t paying attention, the 50th anniversary was launched with an emerald green bezel. Green took the Rolex world by surprise. Green was not expected but did catch on. The green bezel worked just as well with a dark pin stripe suit as it did with a wetsuit. The Rolex Submariner means as much to Rolex as those lucky enough to wear one. It is said it is the most perfectly proportioned watch ever made.

GMT MASTER II ref 116718LN

The GMT Master traces its roots to 1955. It was originally designed as a tool watch for Pilots to keep track of time simultaneously in the different time zones they flew to and from. 50 years later in 2005, Rolex presented this special edition to mark the 50 year anniversary. It features the bright green color on the dial- typically used by Rolex in anniversary models. This was the first Rolex model to include the much celebrated Ceramic bezel which is very resistance to scratching and fading

DAYTONA ref 116506

Rolex celebrated the 50 years of the Daytona with a 50th anniversary model. A special design made in honor of the Daytona's 50th anniversary. This watch features a design that had never been seen on the Daytona before, a case and bracelet made entirely of luxurious 950 Platinum. Not to mention the chestnut brown ceramic bezel and mesmerizing ice blue dial. This 50th anniversary watch was an instant collector’s item from the day it was released in 2013.

SEA DWELLER ref 126600

Rollie fans had to wait until 2017 before the Sea Dweller took its turn in the anniversary model line-up. This is one watch worth the wait. The robust sea dweller marked 50 years in 2017. A rugged professional diver’s tool watch for the working diver. Designed to live underwater and be worn every day, the Sea Dweller has a 43mm case and slightly larger oyster bracelet to balance the larger size.



Introduced to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the Royal Oak in 2012, this platinum limited edition is the crowning achievement for the line. AP is no stranger to elegant watches. This Royal Oak features a extra thin platinum case with an slate gray open worked dial. It is both classic and contemporary. This stunning Royal Oak is a limited edition of 40 pieces.


OMEGA SPEEDMASTER APOLLO 11 ref 310.60.4250.99.001

1969 was a giant step for Omega. The Speedmaster went to the moon! 40 years later, Omega celebrates the achievement with the 40 anniversary moon watch. The watch is technically advanced and spent 4 years in development before being presented in 2019. At the nine o'clock position, there is a laser-engraved image of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin stepping down onto the lunar surface, recalling Apollo 11's fateful landing in 1969. 6969 pieces were made to celebrate Apollo 11.

SPEEDMASTER APOLLO 11 ref 311.30.4230.01.002

This is the 30th anniversary edition of the Moonwatch. The watch is a stainless steel round case and is 42 mm in diameter. The case is stamped with the Apollo II mission emblem and Neil Armstrong’s first words after the space craft had landed “HELLO HOUSTON, TRANQUILITY BASE HERE, THE EAGLE HAS LANDED”.


This OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Anniversary limited edition of 1,972 units released in 2012 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the final lunar mission in December 1972. The Speedmaster reference 311. features an embossed 925 silver dial featuring the same design as the Apollo XVII patch. The case back is also inscribed with "The last man on the moon - December 14, 1972" and "Apollo XVII 40th Anniversary."



This stunning watch comes to you in a solid platinum case and bracelet with a deep, richer blue face with diamond markers. The production run was 700 pieces. The face, embossed with the dates 1976 to 2016, marks 40 years of production. Introduced in 2006 and offered only one year, it is currently out of production. Prices are climbing and right now range up to USD $375,000 at auction. NAUTILUS 5976/IG The Nautilus Chronograph 5976/1G shares many of the attributes with the 5711/IP – same blue dial with 40th anniversary logo, same diamond indexes. The difference is the movement. Remember the original Nautilus was introduced as a 42mm watch. This 40th anniversary is 44mm in diameter from 10 to 4 and has a total width of 49.25mm from ear to ear. The case is white gold. The 5711/IP is delivered in vintage-style cork boxes, just like the original Nautilus was in 1976. Production is limited to 1,300 pieces. 2006


Anniversary editions celebrate the achievement of time. Collectors say they are their reward for loyalty to a particular brand. As long as there is time, as long as there are world class timepieces, watchmaker will continue to reward us with these spectacular creations.



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