The Omega SPEEDMASTER MOONWATCH 50th Anniversary

The Omega SPEEDMASTER MOONWATCH 50th Anniversary

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Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Gold, Steel, Platinum

On the 21st of July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped off the Eagle to become the first humans to stand on another world. Both Neil and Buzz were wearing Omega Speedmasters. Starting July 22, 1969, the watch became known to all as the Moonwatch. Rightly so. The Speedmaster is one of OMEGA’s most iconic timepieces, having been a part of all six moon landings. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 in 1969, OMEGA presents a Limited Edition model of 6,969 pieces.


The Speedmaster was introduced in 1959. It was designated in 1965 as approved by NASA for manned space flights. It made it to the moon and back in July of 1969. Remarkable. Today, owning a Speedmaster is owning a piece of history. Go out in the evening sometime and look at the moon. Ask yourself how they did that with just slide rules? Speaking of achievements that stagger the mind. The Speedmaster has been issued in 31 models. This happens to all iconic watches. The watchmaker hits it big then builds on the success of the watch and extends the model with all sorts of variations.


Currently, Omega offers over 31 different models all essentially the same as the iconic Moonwatch. Lots of options for the chronograph crowd. Extending an icon this successful isn’t that difficult. Change it up here and there. Experiment with stainless, gold, and platinum for the cases. There are myriad strap and bracelet options. Speedmaster and NATO bands go together perfectly if you like to spice things up. The watchmaker can alter the dials color and special patterns. Some Speedmasters have additional complications such as a moon phase. Keeping time is a measurement. It can be done precisely. A wristwatch solves a math problem so to speak. 60 years ago the Speedmaster was introduced with car racing in mind. It was a tool for a driver to calculate speed and track time. It is a true chronograph. The Speedmaster found another form of high-speed travel and it made it famous when it landed on the moon.


Let’s put the Moonwatch in perspective. Computers weren’t what they are today. Today’s iPhone 4 has more computing power than all the computers combined needed to put Apollo to the moon and back.


Neil was wearing a Speedmaster the moment he took that small step for man. In terms of popularity, the Speedie took a giant leap in popularity after the landing. Due to its historical significance, it deserves a place in every collection. The 50th-anniversary model has been created in stainless steel. The case is 42 mm. The bezel is a polished black ceramic with the Omega Ceragold™ tachymeter scale. Have a closer look at the hands. They have been created in 18k Moonshine™ Gold which is a new alloy that appears paler than the traditional yellow gold and will resist fading. There are two features on the face of the watch that celebrate the moon landing. The number 11 appears in moonshine gold instead of the usual stick marker. The 9 o’clock subdial shows Buzz Aldrin stepping off the Eagle’s ladder and onto the moon. The subdial is blackened and laser-engraved. These two features enhance the look and experience of the Speedmaster.


Flip the watch over to examine the back and you’ll see Armstrong’s legendary quote "THAT’S ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN" and "ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND" spelled out in gold plated lettering. A laser-engraved astronaut’s footprint commemorates Neil's first step and is positioned on a medallion under the sapphire crystal.


If you have enjoyed looking at the actual photographs of the astronauts wearing their Speedmasters during the mission, you’ll notice that the watch band was a rather long strip of Velcro. The idea was to wear the watch outside of the spacesuit so the watch could be read easily during the various mission operations. One of these straps with black-coated cork comes along in the box! To complete the presentation, the watch nests in the box on a model lunar landing module. Yes, the Speedmaster is a cool watch all by itself. Add the lunar landing and you have real mojo. This is a true chronograph, tested and proven under the most demanding conditions, this watch has earned its iconic status. There is a Speedmaster for everyone. 31 different models are currently available. Why not seek out a Speedmaster today, and make your history.


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