Patek Philippe Nautilus VS Aquanaut

Patek Philippe Nautilus VS Aquanaut

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Patek Philippe Nautilus vs Aquanaut


In the world of fine watches, the words beauty, precision, and Patek Philippe fit together. Patek Philippe has given us some of the best-loved timepieces in the history of watchmaking. The Patek Philippe commitment to quality and value is their hallmark. Patek Philippe, as a watchmaker, has a meticulously kept record of every watch it has made since 1839. The archive serves as the official register of PP watches. The archive keeps detailed records. For each watch made, the type of watch, movement number, caliber, and case number are recorded. Notes on style, type of dial, date of manufacture, date of sale, and bracelet type are also available. Collectors can search these amazing records for a fee. We take alot into the current collection and compare the Aquanaut vs Nautilus price


Two particular watches come to mind when talking about luxury sport models. The Patek Philippe Nautilus or the Aquanaut. As we know, the Nautilus has risen to legend status since it’s launch in the early ’70s. The Aquanaut has been turning the heads of the sporty, trendy, and chic watch buyer since 1997. Its case is a rounded octagon, inspired by that of the Nautilus. There are several versions. Watchbands for the Aquanaut range from metal bracelets to a stunning “Tropical” strap. Made of new composite material, it is ultra-resistant to wear, saltwater, and UV radiation.


The date-sweep watches we know and love are the Nautilus 5711 and the Aquanaut 5167. but Patek Philippe also offer the Aquanaiut 5168 in a date sweep and there is even a completely iced out NAUTILUS ref 5719/10G - to complete the line. The 5711 offers discerning buyers a choice of case materials. The watch is available in Rose gold, Platinum and Stainless steel. The distinctive embossed face is available in blue, white and grey. The dial you choose makes your watch unique. The Aquanaut which is the sportier of the two comes in more sporty variations with  green, red or black tropical strap options and Rose Gold or Stainless steel metal choice

Shared Movement: Self-winding caliber 324 S C


The Nautilus Chronograph 5980 is available in several case materials. Besides the metal bracelet, a leather strap is also available. The key feature is the chronograph display that sits in the dial above the six. A much sportier feeling watch is the Aquanaut 5968. Same mesmerizing porthole shape, this watch says you are active, chic and have great taste. It is the first Aquanaut chronograph. A sweep second and date at three to complete the youthful, energetic look. The aquanaut 5968 comes with two straps. One in orange, one in black, and both in an ultra-resistant composite material. If you want to see your watch pop, go Orange for the band. You are ready for anything!

Shared Movement: Caliber CH 28-520 C


The popularity of travel watches is due mainly to the functionality. In fact, travel watches are hotter than ever. Instead of waking up your phone while still on the plane, set your watch to the local time and away you go. It’s a different approach, but it is one many watch aficionados love. One look at your watch and you can see the time in two time zones. Your travel watch is a time-telling tool. A must-have for the frequent traveler! The 5980 belongs to the Nautilus line This chronograph features the Travel Time function. The Travel Time function shows the time in two different time zones at a single glance. It combines two popular complications, the chronograph and the travel time function. The travel hand actually moves in either direction. The wearer can set the time behind or ahead. Remarkable. The Aquanaut travel time 5164 is sporty and elegant Put everything you love about the Aquanaut together. Now add two highly sought after complications. You are wearing a sporty, chic, and functional 5164. This Aquanaut catches your eye. The 5164 is distinctive with its gradiated black dial. The dial is embossed in a way that only Patek Philippe can. The neatly presented white numerals pop out at you. There are stick markers for the minutes and white blocks for hours. Time markers appear through a small square window between 8 and 9 and 3 and 4. The white or blue blocks tell local or home time when using the travel time function. Aquanaut vs Nautilus makes for an interesting side by side comparison. With three basic versions, and a variety of cases and dial colors, PP offers a stunning if not legendary watch for every taste. Whether is an Aquanaut or the legend, the Nautilus, these are two watches to wear every day.


The moon phase complication features on two nautilus references, 5726 and 5712. The Aquanuat is yet to feature a version with the moon phase complication


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