Blue Dial Premium

Blue Dial Premium

In the watch industry despite constant developments , trends tend to move a lot slower compared to the fashion industry. This allows for a timepiece appeal last for decades and remain timeless. Since the 70’s the blue dial has been trending but the demand in contemptorary watch making seems to be at a all time high. Does this trend justify paying more for the same watch in a blue dail? Lets look into why this…..

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Choose a blue face dial watch for classic good looks. Blue is versatile and looks great with whatever you are wearing. Blue can be casual or dressy. You can wear it with jeans or a suit and never feel out of place. Rules are for the rigid. These days your style dictates the rules.

Black or white dials are the more traditional look. Think of blue as a sleek and cool alternative. There is lots of variety in actual dial colors. You can go brighter with a royal blue or a deeper shade such as a navy or a blue-black tone. Either way, blue is a classy alternative that fits in at the office or out of doors at a bbq.


Stylish, masculine, and sophisticated, blue is the unexpected attention magnet. With so many watches to choose from, deciding which watch gets the call can be daunting. As always, the discerning wearer is after exquisite craftsmanship and design. You want your watch to say something special about you. There are lots of options in colors, materials, shapes, and bands.


Lets look at three can’t miss choices. A trio of world-class watches. Each offers superb quality and craftsmanship in an exquisite blue and black dial options and compare the pricing


The Rolex Sky-Dweller was launched in precious metal in 2012 . It is a sophisticated travel-ready timepiece. Ready to go where ever your travels take you. The Sky-dweller is self-winding and offers you are an annual calendar. Dual time zones allow you to see the time in two places at once. Rather than special pushers on the side of the watch. Rolex combines the complication setting functions into the bezel. The Rolex Ring Command combines the time-setting functionality of pushers along with the functionality of the winding crown.

Just like the Rolex DateJust several dial variations were released; Chocolate, Sundust, White, dark Rhodium, Silver ,Champagne, Black and White.

In 2017 the stainless steel versions were released in White, Black and Blue dials, although they are all the same price at official retail, on the secondary market where the laws of demand and supply determine the price of a watch, the Blue dial has consistently traded at over 15-20% over the Black dial variant


The Royal Oak is a watch with a huge following. Its octagonal bezel and tapisserie dial have achieved iconic status. Its look is unique in the world of fine watches. Since its launch is 1972 with the classic blue dial, the Gerald Genta design has endured if not thrived. Royal Oak owners are loyal, and many have more than one in their collection. A blue dial RO is usually an important foundation piece for someone looking to begin an AP collection.

Over the years, several dial variants of the Royal Oak have been released including; Pink/Salmon, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Silver, White,Grey, Black and Blue (various shades)

In 2019 AP released the 15500 series which in effect replaced the 15400 series. It featured a new movement, the self-winding caliber AP 4302 rather than the 3120. Three different dial variants were released as part of this series in Stainless Steel; Black, Grey and Blue. Again all the same price at official retail the blue dial variant has consistently been trading over 20% above the black mainly due to the demand


Since the Nautilus Launch in 1976 with the classic blue dial . PP have introduced several complications and dial variants to the original time and date Nautilus.

In 2010 PP released a more complicated member of this sporty watch family the 5726. It features an annual calendar automatic movement with moonphase display and a case that's slightly larger compared to the 5711. Two dial variants; black and white were initially released.

In 2019 Baselworld Patek Philippe introduced the 5726 Blue dial variant and discontinued the black dial variant. On the secondary market there are massive premiums of upto 30% between the black and blue versions.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726 blue dial


Other notable examples were you can see a higher demand in ble vs black variant include the A.Lange & Sohne Lange 1, Omega planet seamaster 300 and the Vacheron Constantin Overseas


The watch industry and its manufacturers have embraced the demand for blue dial watches. A blue dial watch simply seem to have more room for versatility, compared to their black-, white- or silver-dial counterparts as it can be used from suit to casual wear.

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