The Fascinating Synergy Of Car And Watch

The Fascinating Synergy Of Car And Watch


The Sports Chronograph measures time. Along the favorite of sports-minded watch fans, the chronograph is everywhere these days. That’s a good thing. A chronograph is practical. It’s a tool watch at the very least. Professional racecar drivers and pilots rely on chronographs to measure time.


Watchmakers are a savvy bunch. There are always trying to associate their brand on a large-scale stage. How can they get the world to notice? Step two is going to the shop and plunking down for a new watch. One like the race car driver was wearing.


James Bond wears an Omega Seamaster. Jack Nicklaus was photographed countless times wearing a gold Rolex. The watch was visible while he was holding up his latest trophy. There are many more examples of star power and watches appearing together. Did you ever notice professional race drivers always have the coolest wristwatches? How they can see a watch dial at 279kph is another story. Maybe, just maybe, the watchmakers have your F1 heroes wear these watches, so you will notice. Once they have your attention, they reel you in in the most subtle of ways. They want you to say something to your F1 buddies. Before you know it, your pal will show up at the next race viewing party with a McLaren team issue Richard Mille. It works. If it didn’t, no one would bother. Associating a product like an exotic watch with an exotic car is money in the bank.


platinum rolex daytona

Launched in 1963, the Daytona was to meet the demands of professional racecar drivers. Chronographs were gaining in popularity with the golden age of sports car racing. Today, the Daytona is a legend. You may have heard about the Daytona worn by Paul Newman. It recently hammered at a price north of $17 million. Rolex-awash in the glory of celebrity provenance. Mega street cred no doubt. PR value for the brand? Priceless.


Tag Heuer formula 1

The familiar Tag Heuer logo has been around the Formula One racing scene for decades. Remember? They were the main sponsor of the Techniques Avant-Garde F1 team. Tag Heuer got involved in the late '70s and sponsored Williams for several years in the 1980s. Today Tag Heuer is still involved in the F1 fray and sponsors the Red Bull Racing Team. In late 2015, TAG Heuer assumed the engine naming rights for Red Bull Racing. The 2016 season cars would carry the Red Bull-TAG Heuer name. Have a close look at Tag Heuer’s Formula 1 watch. It is a serious chronograph with a racing pedigree. See how this works. A watch company associates with the Red Bull F1 Team. You, the Red Bull racing team fan, buys the Formula 1 watch. You are as good as in the cockpit of an F1 car.


You may have missed Breitling’s association with professional car racing. The Bentley GT competed in many 24 hours of LeMans races in France. While the brand is well known among aviators, The Bentley GT is an ultra-luxury sports sedan. If you need more proof, hit the streets of Newport Beach, California, and see for yourself. The car is expensive and high performance. It pairs nicely with the high profile millionaire lifestyle. Why not put an exclusive Breitling sports chronograph on their wrist? After all, this is a luxury-oriented, fun in the sun Bentley owner! They say follow the money. Better yet, follow the marketing!


Now here is an association to make note of. The watchmaker is aligning itself with a historic racing event, the Mille Miglia, in Italy. The race is almost impossible to run today as it did in the ‘50s. The Mille Miglia was a 1000 km loop run through the Italian countryside. It boasted a field of prized Italian sports cars of the day. It was nothing for the drivers to blow threw a town on the course and never hit the brakes. Slightly dangerous for the townspeople not paying attention! Today the race would be far too dangerous. Never the less, Chopard has aligned itself with this legendary event. They commemorate it with a sporty chronograph  The Chopard Mille Miglia named after the event. Chopard today also maintains a relationship with Porsche factory race teams competing worldwide.


Words do not do this wristwatch justice. It is spectacular, to say the least. The McLaren Formula One team has been at the forefront of racing for decades. The team has been through thick and thin in its pursuit of racing perfection. McLaren IS one of the cornerstones in Formula One. As for the watch, it is the lightest chronograph ever produced. McLaren has influenced the design. This watch is a technical masterpiece. The split-seconds chronograph ultralight McLaren F1 weighs 38 grams, strap included. This is the world’s lightest split-seconds tourbillon chronograph. This achievement could only be possible with the use of highly technical materials. Designers used titanium and Carbon TPT® and an extremely open design. Graph TPT®, a new material, contributed to the lightweight case. The watchmaker says the 10-year association with the team is now beginning to bear fruit. Let’s fix that for them. Now beginning to bear EXOTIC fruit. Now that’s better.


Hublot didn’t want you to be bored, so they created a masterpiece. A creation to celebrate Ferrari’s latest masterpiece, the LaFerrari sports car. It’s difficult to know what you should look at first when you first see the watch. The dial resembles a Ferrari engine. The watch has 637 parts and boasts a 50-day power reserve. That is unheard of in the world of watches. Hublot design engineers designed the watch alongside the Ferrari engineering team. Together they have married an incredible car with an incredible watch. The watch blends exotic materials with innovative design. We can all agree the Hublot Mp 05 LaFerrari is as eye-catching as the car it celebrates. The unforgettable Ferrari LaFerrari!


Great marketers understand great combinations of products. Marketers seek synergy. When it is possible to join forces, magic happens. It wouldn’t take much to list up celebrities with products. Remember Michael Jackson and Pepsi? NASA and the Moonwatch? James Bond and the Seamaster? Ethan Hunt and BMW? The list is too long. These are long-lasting and impactful success stories. Not only for the companies but also for the people who buy products they love. We can count on cars and wristwatches being partners for years to come. Synergy! Who knew?


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