Best Loved Rolex Nicknames

Best Loved Rolex Nicknames

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Rolex makes some of the most sought after watches in the collector market today. The company invests in the best of everything from materials to machinery. Rolex makes their own cases, dials, bezels, bracelets, movements, and even their own gold. All in-house and with incredible efficiency and quality. Hold a Rolex in your hand and you are holding a unique timepiece. It is no surprise that Rolex is the world’s most recognizable luxury watch brand.

Rolex nicknames Batman, Smurf, Pepsi,Hulk

Rolex timepieces have garnered loving and enthusiastic attention from the watch collecting community. There are fun, imaginative, and sometimes surprising nicknames for their cherished, classic models.

Nicknames like Root Beer, Smurf, Hulk, Batman, Polar, Great White, Pepsi, and President live on. All distinctly Rolex. All highly prized watches cherished by a vibrant worldwide community of Rolex collectors. Collectors will tell you there is nothing like wearing a Rolex.

Each of the five legendary watches presented here has a story AND a nickname. The nicknames remind you that you are wearing something timeless and special.


The GMT Master II gets their names from colorful bezels and dial colors. Hollywood icons like Clint Eastwood can make a watch famous. Here are three GMT Master II models, with distinct colorings, have earned nicknames.

Rolex GMT Master Rootbeer  1675 126711CHNR

THE ROOT BEER REF 1675/3, 126711CHNR

Did you know the Root Beer watch, actually a GMT Master II? Rolex introduced this watch in the mid-60s. Movie hero Clint Eastwood wore the Root Beer in 3 movies and made it famous. The Root Beer has a brown colored face with a brown and golden brown bezel. The watch looks beautiful in bright light and the colors catch and reflect light like no other. You don’t see the Root Beer in everyday settings very often. Clint's choice for an everyday watch is a Root Beer Rolex.

Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 126710, 0116719 BLRO

THE PEPSI REF 126710, 116719 BLRO

The Pepsi has a blue and red bezel with a rich black dial which immediately reminds you of a Pepsi can. This is one of the most prized GMT IIs and is sought after by Rolex collectors around the world. This watch is available with subtle variations in bracelets and special edition dials. One variation on the color scheme is a faded red and blue bezel. Strap on a Pepsi and you’ll have a stunning timepiece under the cuff and a great story to tell your admirers.


The Blue and Black bezel on the Batman takes you right to Gotham City. The Batman boasts a darker inky blue-black bezel set off by a rich looking black dial. A closer look reveals a mix of brushed and polished surfaces, and of course, a 40mm case, not too big. Not too small. The latest Batman features the 5 link Jubilee bracelet. Jubilee's design makes it supple and comfortable to wear. Batman makes an individual statement with its distinctive blue and black coloring. Batman wants it that way! Pick up one of these icons and you are ready for action in the Batcave or the boardroom.

Rolex batman 116710 126710BLNR


The Submariner is the original Rolex diver’s watch. It has earned respect as one of the best marine watches ever. This high-quality timepiece is a go anywhere, do anything watch. It is at home on a diver’s wrist in harshest of environments and thrives in 300 meters of salt water.


The Smurf is a brilliant light blue dial and bezel Submariner. This watch grabs you. When you first see it you can’t help to notice the intense color. When you hold it, you realize the weighty feel is a feature of precious metal, in this case, 18-karat white gold. You want to hold it, wear it, and want one of your very own. It is without question one of the most coveted watches by divers and collector’s alike. The shocking robin’s egg blue is as Smurfy as it gets. You are correct when you say the Smurf is the king of luxurious diver’s watches.

Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV


Rolex fans warmed up to the new look for their beloved Submariner. Not immediately though. Its distinct deep green dial and cerachrom bezel stunned the masses. So much so that skepticism about the green face and bezel was everywhere. The dial seems to change color depending on the light conditions. It can be almost black at times and go to a very bright Kelly green in the bright sun. The change in green hues as it plays with the light is a treat to the eye. If you are a watch spotter, the deep green Hulk is one to keep an eye peeled for. This prized Rolex is on a mission to transform you from regular guy to superhero!



Particular Rolex models have gained their nicknames because of  the famous people associated with them


Paul Newman was a Hollywood actor, film director, Oscar winner, film producer, race car driver, IndyCar owner, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Paul Newman's wife  who was also an actress Joanne Woodward famously gifted him this watch when he took up racing with an engraved message on the back that reads: Drive Carefully Me. Paul was consistently linked with the watch particularly after he was photographed wearing it on the cover of an Italian fashion magazine. He also wore it in the 1969 racing movie "Winning," which he starred in with his wife. In 2017 Pauls actual watch was sold for a record $17,752,500. The nickname is also used to reference "exotic dial" Rolex Daytonas


The Rolex Day date was debuted in 1956 with a brand new bracelt called "President" Coupled with the popularity with the most influential presidents and world leaders, this nickname has stuck. Famous American presidents like Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F kennedy and Lydon B Johnson have famously been associated with the watch.  The watch has only ever been made in precious metal adding to the prestige and exclusivity 



This special watch was made to commemorate filmmaker James Cameron for his sucessfull solo expedition to the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench. The dial lettering and background is the same color as Cameron's submarine, the blue to black gradient


There is no proof that McQueen wore the Explorer II 1655, but in collector’s circles it’s still known as the McQueen Explorer because an auction house stated it once. However the name has stuck amongst collectors.


We are celebrating these distinct Rolex watches and what makes them unique. Rolex fans and collectors know their Rollies. Rolex continues to bring you interesting takes on their classic models. Expect new and innovative ideas in the future.  You never know when Batman will swoop down on you on the way home from work. Or called to stand and deliver in the boardroom. Either way, you can’t miss with one of these iconic Rolex offerings.


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