Omega SpeedMaster Limited Edition Collection

Omega SpeedMaster Limited Edition Collection

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The Omega Speedmaster has always been a favourite with watch collectors due its sheer importance and contribution to the watch industry. Some expert collectors have always maintained that a speedmaster is a must in every collection

See our Article on the Speedmaster Moonwatch Anniversary for background on the importance of the Speedmaster. 

We’ve handpicked some of our favorite must-have Omega Speedmaster watches that will push your collection over the top, or start you off on the right foot. Let’s jump in...

Speedmaster Limited editions


The "TIN TIN" Racing Speedmaster would commemorate cartoonist Hergé 1950 comic book, Destination Moon. The story involved the moon landing almost 20 years before the Apollo 11 mission. The dial ring has a red and white checkerboard pattern that mimics the TIN TIN rocket graphic. In 2012 Hergé and Omega were unable to come to an agreement to release the rights use the TIN TIN brand. The problem was Omega had already started production on the watch, so they were left with dials that already had this red and white motif print. In 2013 the watch was launched at Baselworld as the "Racing" Speedmaster, and due to its poor initial reception it was discontinued two years after. Depending on who you ask, between a thousand to two thousand of these watches were made. This low production volume combined with its great story really makes this a one of a kind collectors piece.



The Speedy Tuesday Speedmaster got its name when a blogger posted an image of this watch on social media. A hashtag #speedytuesday appeared and stuck with the watch. Sometimes that is all it takes to make history! You latch onto the striking silver-on-black dial with vintage-style Omega logo. It gives the watch a good looking start with a nostalgic feel. This watch sold online only and the entire supply was gone in four hours. It came with a solid leather brown strap and a drab-colored NATO strap. Many say the watches look best with a stainless steel bracelet. The argument being the steel bracelet would enhance the unique dial color. Many owners have switched the leather strap to the steel bracelet. The Speedy Tuesday is available with a smooth brown leather strap or NATO strap. The production of the watch was 2,012 pieces. The Speedy Tuesday checks all the boxes. It is a popular extension of the moon watch line. The Speedy Tuesday has sold through its supply and is now only available on the secondary market


How did the Speedmaster Limited Edition “Ultraman” get such a nickname? You’ll need to go back to an appearance on the 1971 television series The Return of Ultraman. The Ultraman is a stock Speedy Tuesday model. The watch features great looking orange accents. Especially prominent is the central second hand, the dial and the bezel in orange. Speedmaster fans love this watch for its visual impact. The touches of orange pop against the black dial and silver case. Ultraman gets a nod at the seconds subdial at nine. His head, printed in black, illuminates in orange under UV light. The back of the case is the same as the standard moon watch. Inside, Ultraman gets his REAL power from the hand-wound Lemania based caliber 1861.


Omega has marked 50 years since the Apollo moon landing with this special and unique watch. It is a limited edition of 6969. It is full of features related to the historic touchdown of Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969. Look at the back of the watch first. The case has a laser engraved image of Neil’s footprint. The quote memorializes the famous quote. "THAT'S ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN – ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND." The dial helps tell the story too. The 9 o'clock subdial shows another laser engraved image and there is a unique 11 o’clock hour marker. The dial is grey with black subdials. The special look and feel of this limited edition use 18k gold to set off the look of the watch. The presentation box is as elaborate as the mission. Included are two mission patches and a lunar module display stand. Two engraved plates in the box show the time of the landing as well as the landing site-coordinates. Also in the box is the long velcro strap with black coated cork. A brand loop and branded strap changing tool are also inside. A unique timepiece to remember one of the great moments in human achievement.


The Speedmaster bound for outer space operated in secrecy. Omega called it the Alaska Project. Very few of the original prototypes came to the market. The watch featured a bright white dial and contrasting red chronograph hand. The broad baton hands in the subdials stand out and look like NASA rockets. Speedmasters with white dials pair only white gold cases with this exception. 2008 Omega released this re-edition in 2008. It was a limited run of 1970 pieces.


Snoopy, NASA, and Omega are all together on this one. Thinking of the significance of the Apollo 13 mission, this is a touching tribute. An oxygen tank explosion brought the mission to a sudden change of plans. NASA awarded several distinguished associates for outstanding achievements. These awards recognize achievements in human space flight. Recipients receive a special Silver Snoopy pin that was flown on a mission. The Omega Speedmaster itself won a Silver Snoopy Award. Given for its contribution to the success of the Apollo program. The Silver Snoopy Speedmaster looks elegant in silver and black. The dial looks clean and is easy to read. The nine o’clock subdial shows Snoopy. He is in a prone position with a thought bubble under the logo that says Failure Is Not An Option. The 14-second burn lives on forever. The first 14 seconds of the dial recalls the gun sight windows used to align the capsule for re-entry. This Speedmaster commemorates a historic and unforgettable moment in human space travel. This is a limited production watch.

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