Your Guide to Annual Calendar Complications

Your Guide to Annual Calendar Complications


Every modern gentleman's watch collection deserves this quintessential complication, an annual calendar. Normally, we would think of time as hours, minutes, and seconds. Add the annual calendar complication and you can track days and the months automatically with just one adjustment in February. Unlike a perpetual calendar that requires no manual adjusting to keep the correct time and date, the annual calendar complication needs one correction a year. Other than that, the watch will continue to display the correct time and date by automatically taking into consideration the number of days in a month. Everyone has looked down at a watch only to see the date is off by several days. The annual calendar solves that. The watch is designed to know how many days are in each month. Caesar couldn’t do that. Roman astronomers, who designed the calendar we use today, couldn't either. It is amazing when you think about it.

The annual Calendar


The Triple calendar started to feature in wristwatches from Rolex and Vacheron Constantin around the twenties. It features a day, date, month and moonphase. Months with fewer than 31 days are not taken into account on the triple calendar, so have to be manually adjusted five times a year (at the end of February, April, June, September and November)

The Perpetual Calendar features the day, date, month and also adjust for leap years automatically. The movement won’t require any manual adjustment for 100's of years as long as you keep the watch movement running.


Patek Philippe invented and introduced in 1996 as the ref. 5035. Before this watch buyers either had the option of the triple calendar or the very expensive perpetual calendar.  It was a big hit with the consumer due to the fact you only had to adjust it only once a year. Patek Phillipe took out a twenty-five year patent on the complication. Regardless of the patent other watch brands took the idea and made some slight variations of this complication without violating the patent.



Long considered an essential watch in any collection, the ref 5035 is Patek Philippe’s first annual calendar watch. some may not know is that the annual calendar is a relatively new watch complication. Patek Philippe patented and unveiled their first annual calendar watch in 1996.


This watch is the total package. It is a combination of impeccable finishing, a legendary brand name, along with a useful complication. The ref 5396 is collectible because of its special Breguet font. Breguet numerals are reserved for grand complications or special order pieces. The numerals, minute markers and hands are cast in gold. Expect them to be exquisitely finished at every angle. See offers for 5396


The 1815 Chronograph is one of the finest chronographs ever made. The 1815 Chronograph is encased in a Lange stock standard case, one that is shared across nearly all Lange watches. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it is a ‘standard’ case, though, because, at Lange, the only standard is perfection. 1815 Chronograph itself is a joy on the wrist. The watch sits well on the wrist thanks to its sub-40 mm frame. And while its case is not ornate, it is impeccably finished. The dial is a total show-stopper; everything about it screams of elegant design. And with regards to the push action of those chronograph pushers, they feel buttery smooth. See offers for 1815 


The Villeret Collection has been core to Blancpain since the early 1980s. The annual calendar watch indicates the date of the month, automatically taking account of the variation in the number of days between the months. Every day towards midnight the hour hand triggers the date indicator via a gear train. The differences in length between the months are taken into account using a cam wheel. A secondary date mechanism causes an additional jump when the month has 30 days. See offers Villeret annual calendar


The Portugieser Chronograph has been the most sought-after model in the Portugieser family since 1998. A 41millimeter case makes it ideal for a slender wrist. Everything is integrated harmoniously on the clearly organized dial with the encircling precision scale: the recessed totalizers, the embossed Arabic numerals and the perfectly proportioned feuille hands for hours and minutes. The blue hands for stopped times provide a colorful highlight on the silver-plated dial of the stainless-steel model. See offers the Portugieser annual calendar


The Sky-Dweller is equipped with caliber 9001, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. Protected by seven patents, it is one of the most complex calibers ever developed by the brand. Its architecture, manufacturing quality, and innovative features make it singularly precise and reliable. This is an annual calendar you just can’t argue with. Like so many iconic Rolex models, this is a timepiece to wear with pride. The annual calendar watch holds a special place for collectors. Every major watchmaker has one in their portfolio. There is a rich field of watches to choose from with this complication. The difficulty isn’t in whether you should buy an annual calendar, the difficulty is which one? See offers the Skydweller


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