STYX Watch Protection Review

STYX Watch Protection Review

Updated at 16/04/2020 07:29 Luxury Watches Rolex

As an enthusiastic watch collector and a guy in-love with his watches I never really thought about protecting my watches until the case of my Rolex GMT BLNR. They say the first scratch is the deepest, yes it is! but I brushed it off as "character" when I got new scratches. With my watch in view I would constantly stare at the scratch all day in annoyance! 15 scratches and 2 big dents on the watch case and bracelet of my BLNR was when I said there has to be a better way.

I have a protective case for my mobile phone, I have seen Luxury cars with protective films so I researched on the market for a solution for my watches watch and found STYX Protection film, here is my review of my experience


Ordering was pretty straight forward, I went to their website and looked through the range of watches they have the film for. It cover most of the modern Rolex's and some sports Patek models. Ordering took about 3 business days to arrive to my house in the UK


Included in the box was an envelope containing instructions, the watch protection film, and a pair of tweezers. There was also a branded microfiber cloth, and an alcohol wipe


This part I found incredibly therapeutic as it was another opportunity for me and my watch to bond. My first application was with my Rolex Submariner "HULK" which was still in great condition. Firstly I used the alcohol wipes to remove any dirt from the watch. Then I carefully took my time to pick up each part with the tweezers, dip into a bit of water and then apply each of the pieces onto my watch ensuring that they all aligned. The whole process took about 30mins in total


Any light scratches would only affect the film and prevent the actual metal of your watch. Its trasparent and each piece fits like a glove into each construction of the watch which makes it look invisible from a near distance


I have the protection film on my watch now for a few weeks and a few things have happened. I no longer notice visually the film and I have no new visible scratches. Have other watch friends noticed the film protector on the bracelet?  Yes, on close inspection. But I’d much rather have that than a ding or scratch on an expensive watch, or scratch other things like the door with the clasp of the metal bracelet. Its been working great, and I’ll be doing this to my other Rolex watches.

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