The GMT Isn't Going Anywhere It's Going Everywhere!

The GMT Isn't Going Anywhere It's Going Everywhere!

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What time is it in Tokyo when you are in Lisbon? You need a watch to travel with that tells the time in another time zone. 24 time zones divide the globe. Your GMT calculates the time differences for you. Actually, your GMT calculates the time zones for you in style. A GMT is a useful if not ingenious tool for telling time.

Need to call the client in Hong Kong knowing you won’t be waking everyone up at 3:08 AM? If this sounds like you, the GMT is your must-have watch. Don’t leave home without it.

A GMT features a moving bezel marked 0 to 24.  For example, the Rolex Batman has a black and blue section on the bezel to signify day or night. The third hand is the GMT hand. It points to the 0-24 hours time scale on the bezel. Your GMT will tell you the hometime, the current time, and a third-time zone if desired.

To operate the GMT hand, one moves it into position according to Greenwich Mean Time or GMT marked on the bezel. Moving the GMT hand against Greenwich Mean Time to arrive at a time in the new time zone.

We look at five brilliant examples of GMT watches available to buy with no waitlist. The idea of travel is one of adventure and excitement. These watches are more than up to the challenge of going with you.

TUDOR BLACK BAY GMT ref m79830rb-0001

Stainless steel case, black dial, red and blue bezel like a Rolex Pepsi. The GMT hand appears in red. At 41 mm, it is a perfect size. This beauty will tell the time in three time zones. It is a great watch to enter the world of stylish and functional GMT watches.  This is a rugged watch designed to ensure robustness, longevity, and reliability. You’ll have a self-winding movement and a 70-hour power reserve. Waterproof to 200 m (660 ft). The Black Bay is a COSC certified chronometer.  By now you are familiar with the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). This watch is a can’t miss entry point.

BREITLING AVENGER II GMT ref a32390111b1a1

BREITLING AVENGER II GMT ref a32390111b1a1

This is a rich and detailed presentation. Look closer and the Avenger II makes you want to keep looking, detail after detail. As always, Breitling has you looking like you know what you are doing. In the air or underwater to 300M, this watch is ready for anything. Check out the non-slip grip on the crown. Nice! You also want to be sure to see this one in the gray dial, the blue dial, or the volcano black dial. The GMT hand has a distinctive red color with a pointer triangle that looks like it means business. Three time zones, waterproof to 300m, Breitling styling, what more could you want.


The Planet Ocean moves you up the scale a bit into the luxury GMT category. Omega ensures you can express your personal style. There is a wide range of choices in straps, bracelets, and dial colors. Chances are you won’t see someone at cocktails wearing exactly what you are wearing. Makes for a better conversation that way.

Omega doesn’t forget the bigger watch fans. The case measures 43.5 MM. If you are a diver, you already know Omega’s dive watch heritage.  Omega lets you go deep with a 600M rating and a helium release valve. Fans love the black face with the orange 6-9-and 12. Orange sets it apart and with so many color-coordinated straps, you are ready for anything.  Ask anyone you see wearing an Omega. You are sure to get a knowing smile in return.


After the Explorer II gets your attention, you notice the clean, classic lines. The watch with a white dial stuns you. You also notice a dedicated hand circle the dial in 24 hours. The fixed bezel is a different take on competing GMTs. A fixed dial with 24-hour graduations ensures you know day or evening time anytime you look.

There is nothing wrong or better than the movable two-tone bezel, this is a different approach. The case measures 42mm. The case is 904L steel referred to as Oystersteel. Harder and more durable, 904L is exclusive to the brand. Reading the dial in the dark is easy with the bright and legible Chromalight display. The Explorer II is COSC certified.

DRIVE DE CARTIER ref wsnm0005

By far the most elegant and costly of the GMTs on our list. This watch features a stainless steel 40 mm case. The Drive de Cartier offers a self-winding mechanical movement. The silvered dial features Roman numerals. The blued-steel sword-shaped hands protect a sapphire crystal. There is a large date at 12 o'clock. A retrograde time zone at 10 o'clock. And day/night indicator at half past three, and small seconds at 6 o'clock. The watch is water-resistant to about 30 meters. It is a stylish, elegant, and a much dressier take on the GMT. You'll love looking at this watch.


Well, that is quite a list. You now have reason to believe a GMT is the essential travel companion. Rugged, durable, tons of style, and completely functional, a GMT is a time telling tool.  The GMT hand is a feature you will actually use. In fact, a majority of GMT owners say they use the function when traveling. There are many elegant GMT watches out there. Sports watches are a favorite of the active lifestyle set. There are plenty of colorful dials, bezels, case colors, and straps of all kinds. One more thing, as GMT watches grow in importance, collectors pay closer attention. Valuable insight for the new entrant. Not to worry, the GMT isn’t going anywhere, it’s going everywhere.

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