Watch Slang Is What We Say!

Watch Slang Is What We Say!

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We are in this together. Your interest in watches continues to grow. Did is start by spotting a Royal Oak in the wild? Was it a visit to the watch shop? In whatever way your passion for timepieces started. It is with you today. Whether you are a fan or collector, we share a special language to talk about our passion. Let’s look at our slang and see if any of this hits home.

GRAIL WATCH: Do you have one in mind that you MUST have? The watch you would sell your beloved Jag for? Make major budget cuts to free up cash for. That is your Grail Watch. What is your grail watch? Do you have a list? Yes, you do! Time to admit it! We know you have a GRAIL WATCH list.

DESK DIVER: There are super high-performance 4WD SUVs that have never seen a dusty road. Do you own an ocean-going watch that has never been under water? If yes, let's call it as we see it. It's a desk diver. Not to worry! We understand you’re landlocked, a wee bit careful, or work all the time. Place priority on wearing your desk diver and enjoy it. I am willing to bet everyone in the office knows you love wearing your diver. After all, that’s what it is all about.

WATCH ACCOUNT: Do you post your favorite watch pictures on the internet somewhere? A quick check of Instagram, Pintrest, or Facebook proves you are not alone. Collecting watches is a passion for many. Sharing that passion is wonderful! Let the world know you are out there and willing to share your favorite watches.

BUBAR: Bubar refers to a watch encrusted with stones. Iced out! There are lots of versions, and the best of the icy timepieces can run into the millions. No matter. Iced out watches are available to us to admire or wear. It is a matter of taste when it comes right down to it. Like them or love them, someone is ready to go full Bubar!

MEETUP: Strike up a conversation. Compliment someone on their Batman or Calatrava and you have the start of a meetup. Collectors enjoy meeting with others who share their interests and passions. A gathering of like-minded watch people sounds like a lot of fun.

PREMIUM: Paying a price above the MSRP is paying a premium. This happens a lot. Speak with your shop; ask them how easy it is to get a brand-new Daytona. They’ll shake their head and say it is impossible. What to do when the watch you can’t live without is not going to be available through preferred channels? Go to the market and negotiate. It is supply and demand. When everyone wants what you want at the same time, better have the wallet ready. Actually, collectors face this sort of thing all the time, as watches grow in popularity, the prices go up. Supply and demand in action!

BEATER: Oops! I hit the crystal against the wall on the way down the stairs and now I have a streak of plaster on my watch. Let’s hope it was your inexpensive, everyday beater and not your prized 5711. Beater watches serve us well. They are perfect for the steam room, out of doors, and whatever you're doing in a casual way. The beater is your dependable expendable.

AD: AD is a nickname you assign to your favorite shop. It refers to an Authorized Dealer. Most likely you know a guy who is a source of accurate information and is willing to share advice with you. That’s your go-to guy in watches. The all-important AD is worth his weight in gold.

FLIPPER: A flipper is a watch you buy that you can sell at a profit later. Consider it a strategic buy. You found a pristine Hulk and acquired below market. You are sure later on the value will grow. Once you have put it on the market, sell it, and make a profit, the word flipper will make you smile.

KEEPER: A keeper is a watch you will never sell. It is your grail watch. Has it been in the family for ages? Or one you lived a vibrant and exciting life with over the years. Which watch makes your keeper list?

ONE WATCH: Not everyone is out there amassing iconic watches to grow a collection with. Some folks are fans. Watch lovers with no intentions of collecting. For whatever reason, you love that special watch and wear it daily. Watch people aren’t sorry. They're out there in the wild, wallowing in the wonderful world of wearing watches.

WIS: Anyone who frequents the watch forums has seen someone call themselves a watch idiot savant or WIS. It takes time and effort to get to the WIS level. How do you know you're getting there? Try this quick test. You tingle when someone says 57260. You rattle off all 57 complications in order. You re-rattle all 57 backward. You have a favorite complication, no you LOVE a complication. You disagree with complication 26. Finally, you wrote a letter to VC stating they need to add a certain missing complication. That is how you know. If this is you, you got it bad. Good for you!

WRIST TIME: Wrist time is what we call spending all your waking hours on watches. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Spending all your time studying watches? Reading about watches? Playing with watches? Posting from your collection of watch pictures? These are symptoms of wrist time. Wonderful! Ask your doctor if taking a break from wrist watches is right for you. On second thought, don't. Enjoy!

Watch slangs

BUST DOWN: Most popular with rappers and hip-hop culture is to apart completely a watch and then encrust them with diamonds using an aftermarket jeweler

SAFE QUEEN: Ever seen a 20 year old watch come up on the forums or at auction and its is completely brand new and unworn? This is what you call a safe queen. Watch buyers will buy a watch and it spends most of its life inside a safe

FAN BOY: We all know that one guy who is just obessed with one particular brand and spends all his enrgy evangelising the brand? That is one you would call a fanboy e.g Rolex fanboy

JUMBO: A large case size for a watch. Much used to describe the Royal Oak 15202

SEX PILE: Used to refer to a big pile of watches. This term was most famously coined by redbar members taking a shot of all the watches of members of a meetup and using the hashtag on intstagram

INCOMING: When you get the call from your dealer for your new watch

NWA: New Watch Alert

SPEEDY: Used to refer to the Omega Speedmaster

10PAST10: A watch at 10past10 is best for taking pictures

NOS: New Old Stock

MICROBRAND: Independent watchmakers at a smaller scale

WRIST PERVERT: One who stares at a strangers watch in public

WATCHNERD: A watch nerd is a person who can identify with the definitions in this list. Watch nerds come in all shapes and sizes. They can be anywhere on the globe. Watch nerds consult their GMT to avoid waking you with a call at 3:42 am. Every watch nerd we know has a grail list, a watch account, and knows reference numbers by heart. A person who aspires to own a Calatrava but never wears a suit is a watch nerd! But a real watch nerd? Well, that's easy. A real watch nerd can't get enough


watch slangs


Here is what we know so far. Any level of involvement in horological pursuits is worthwhile. Find a way to express your love for watches. Fine watches tell you more than time, they tell you about you!


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