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Updated at 04/09/2019 05:45

Breitling SA, a maker of luxury watches, is Swiss-based and it was established in the year 1884 in Saint-Imier by a man called Leon Breitling. Today, Breitling is highly renowned for its chronometers that are highly precise and extremely valuable to aviators.


Ever since it was birthed in 1884, this luxury watchmaker has dedicated its focus to the production of numerous high-performing time measurement instruments in the world. Mostly focused on producing technical watches, Breitling brings functions, performance, and the best accuracy to life with its designs and has set a standard for other watchmakers who wish to follow in their path.

Heritage and Prestige

In a way, we could say that Breitling rose from very lowly family origins to become one of the world’s leaders in terms of the manufacture of the chronograph watch, as well as, aviation equipment. Today, Breitling is set to make waves in what is seen to be a legendary future. The chronograph is intricately tied to the history of Breitling. Ever since Breitling got the chronographs adapted to be strapped to the wrist of humans and be used in a cockpit, Breitling has continuously been linked with aviation and has become a force in the production of instruments of professionals. Wherever you go in the world today, Breitling has established itself as premium luxury watchmakers, and this brand overlooks a very rich history which takes us all the way back to the 1800s and stretches forward to make huge strides in the aviation industry in modern times. The chronograph watch has developed so much, and Breitling must be accorded some honor with all of its timepieces designed in a way that tremendously outperforms the power and energy of humans, thus, causing it to be included in the collection of instruments for professionals.


Breitling has recorded so much success in recent times, and this is mostly due to its proactive analysis with respect to marketing mix while adopting a fantastic positioning choice. As a leading company in the aspect of complicated wrist chronographs, Breitling makes the list of just a few brands that have been able to equip their models with movements which have been certified by a chronometer.


For over 100 years, Breitling has committed itself to the provision of high tech wristwatches that are used by professionals in various fields such as aviation and diving that require chronographs. By adopting a very highly competitive strategy, Breitling has been able to level up its watchmaking processes, while, also, fine-tuning the features of its instruments in terms of sturdiness, performance, and topnotch precision.


The brand stands out by being assertive and possessing stamina that helps it to achieve ultimate perfection thus, causing its movements to be produced in a very large industrial scale but yet being assembled using a precision in-house.

Brand Recognition 

For people who wear a Breitling watch, what is involved is not just about making a statement. It is, actually, approval of the premium craftsmanship that is reflected in Breitling watches. All of its parts are meticulously arranged and unified in a way that typifies an influential milestone.