Latest Breitling News

Updated at 17/04/2019 22:19
Breitling SA, a maker of luxury watches, is Swiss-based and it was established in the year 1884 in Saint- Imier by a man called Leon Breitling. Today, Breitling is highly renowned for its chronometers that are highly precise and extremely valuable to aviators.
Breitling has recorded so much success in recent times, and this is mostly due to its proactive analysis with respect to marketing mix while adopting a fantastic positioning choice. As a leading company in the aspect of complicated wrist chronographs, Breitling makes the list of just a few brands that have been able to equip their models with movements which have been certified by a hronometer.
For over 100 years, Breitling has committed itself to the provision of high tech wristwatches that are used by professionals in various fields such as aviation and diving that require chronographs. By adopting a very highly competitive strategy, Breitling has been able to level up its watchmaking processes, while, also, fine-tuning the features of its instruments in terms of sturdiness, performance, and topnotch precision.