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Updated at 04/09/2019 05:42

Year formed

Established in the city of Paris in 1847 by a man called Louis Francois Carter, Cartier is a multinational company based in France. Cartier specializes in the design, manufacture, distribution, and sales of luxury watches. In fact, the company’s watches are so appealing that elites like Princess Mathilde who was Napoleon 1 and Napoleon 2’s niece and cousin respectively became a lover of its products


The reason that a Cartier watch has such a prestigious status is down to the fact that all of its luxury watches have a timeless nature. It prides itself in a history of designing only classic and exclusive watches. It offers timeless luxury while giving its consumers that satisfying feel-good factor.

Heritage  and Pedigree 

In 2018, Cartier was named the leading luxury brand all over the world. The French watchmaker was given that status in the yearly Luxury Index by Kadence. The watches are made for wearing and not for bank vault storage. Cartier has grown to become a global brand, and a lot of watch lovers refer to it as the world’s best jewelry house. The lovers of Cartier all over the world have comprised of royalty, celebrities, as well as, business tycoons which include the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, King Farouk, Grace Kelly, and more. All of these figures have at one time, or the other visited Cartier to purchase or get some luxury Cartier watches produced for them.


CARTIER International SNC is a luxury watches maker of French origins, and it remained a family-owned conglomerate until 1964. Currently, its headquarters still remains at its location despite the fact that it is now a subsidiary of another company called the Richemont Group. Currently operating over 200 stores located in about 125 countries, Cartier has three temples situated in different locations which are London, Paris, as well as, New York


This French brand has a strategy of updating its collections regularly but subtly in order to match the ever-evolving tastes of its lovers, as well as, their needs. Adaptation rather than reinvention is Cartier's canny strategy.


Cartier watches are among the most recognized watch brands in the world, and this is down to the design of these timepieces. The watchmaker has a design style that makes its watches very practical objects.

Brand Recognition 

This watchmaker continues to be seen as a highly prestigious brand all over the world, and in the year 2018, Forbes ranked Cartier at number 59 in terms of the world's most valuable brands. For more than 100 years, Cartier has been in the business of selling its luxury products to the elites in Europe. For someone that owns one of Cartier's luxury watches, what you have isn't just another timepiece. A Cartier watch is a symbol of value which is embedded in the brand's name, a brand that creates iconic watch designs. In the watchmaking industry, Cartier watches have set the standard over the years.