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Updated at 17/04/2019 22:18
Established in the city of Paris in 1847 by a man called Louis Francois Carter, Cartier is a multinational company based in France. Cartier specializes in the design, manufacture, distribution, and sales of luxury watches. In fact, the company’s watches are so appealing that elites like Princess Mathilde who was Napoleon 1 and Napoleon 2’s niece and cousin respectively became a lover of its products. The company would remain in hands of the family until 1972.
While primarily a jewelry brand, Cartier has a rich and deep history when it comes to watches. It
introduced its ladies wristwatch well before the end of the 19th century, while the first men's watch was designed in 1904 at the request of famous aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. The latter would serve as the inspiration for the 1911 Santos wristwatch, one of many icons of the Parisian brand.
Achievements: CARTIER International SNC is a luxury watches maker of French origins, and it remained a family-owned conglomerate until 1964. Currently, its headquarters still remains at its location despite the fact that it is now a subsidiary of another company called the Richemont Group. Currently operating over 200 stores located in about 125 countries, Cartier has three temples situated in different locations which are London, Paris, as well as, New York
Innovation: This French brand has a strategy of updating its collections regularly but subtly in order to match the ever-evolving tastes of its lovers, as well as, their needs. Adaptation rather than reinvention is Cartier's canny strategy.