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Updated at 04/09/2019 05:46

Omega came into existence in 1848 and ever since its inception , this premium timepiece maker has continuously associated itself with three key values which are excellence, precision, as well as, innovation. Omega will always be seen as a great watch brand with its reputation laid on the ethics of being experts and pioneers of traditional watchmaking. 


Quality is a signature of Omega watches, and every individual watch that has been completed is given the certification and approval of METAS. Omega timepieces are put through rigorous tests that are geared towards determining its water-resistant capacity, its accuracy, as well as its level of magnetic resistance. All of this is done to ascertain how capable the timepieces are in remaining durable and enduring through the wearing conditions of real life.

Heritage and Prestige

Watches made by Omega are inspired by a rich heritage which is embedded in timekeeping for sports, the outstanding conquest of the outer world, and its ocean voyages. However, when we talk about the agent that successfully binds every one of these accomplishments in one, apart from the fact that the brand has recorded so much success globally, its revolutionary watch movements remains the key. Let's talk about the Speedmaster Professional made by Omega. There is more to this watch than being the first wrist timepiece to land on the moon. In all of history, this is the word that has gone through the most tests.  Also, when it comes to getting professionals, as well as, the public enticed and captivated, Omega watches have probably been the best at it these past years. When you think of very elite collections such as Rolex, Omega measures up too.


Under its belt, it boasts the following achievements –

  • It is the official timekeeper for the widely renowned Olympics.
  • When you talk about the first watch to have landed on the moon, Omega takes it.
  • It boasts the very first master chronometer in the world.

The above-mentioned achievements are some of the reasons that Omega has become renowned as a legendary watchmaker and is highly distinguished today.


Apart from the fact that Omega is skilled in the production of watches with great aesthetics and pieces that make bold statements, this brand has successfully taken great strides in revolutionizing the process of state-of-the-art watchmaking, and they owe this to a very persevering pioneer spirit. In every one of its mechanical masterpieces, you will find elements that are consistently setting precise records in the timekeeping space.


When we talk about design, the watches of Omega have successfully shaped how the timepieces for gentlemen who are sporty and elegant are defined. In the world of luxury watches, there is virtually no other producer that successfully has employed media-savviness as Omega has.

Brand Recognition 

The Omega brand is known for a lot of things which includes sporty chronographs, coaxial movements, as well as, professional watches for divers. In the luxury watches industry, the brand has successfully placed itself among the leaders in the world of Swiss watchmaking.