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Updated at 04/09/2019 05:47

Switzerland is blessed with an assortment of watchmakers, fashion designers, and other inventive brands that have engraved their marks on the world's stage. Patek Philippe SA is one of Switzerland's eminent watchmakers, and it is distinguished for its wide collection of luxury watches. This brand is renowned for its inventiveness in creating the best quality watches, particularly in the creation of some of the most intricate mechanical watches in the world today. 

Patek Philippe is one of the most established watchmakers on the planet with a continuous watchmaking history since its establishment (from 1839 to this very moment). Patek Philippe has been furnishing its customers with the best quality luxury watches with impeccable designs since the very first day it debuted, and some of its designs have graced the wrist of legends, politicians, artists, intellectuals and royalties (for instance, Pope Pius IX, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria. This prestigious brand has been the property of the Stern family of Switzerland since 1932 and Overtime the Patek Philippe brand has continued to carve its name on the hearts of its numerous aficionados throughout Geneva, Switzerland and beyond.


This brand understands that every piece has its part to play in the overall quality of a timepiece. This is why the Patek brand is known for its craftsmanship. From chamfering to polishing to circular graining, the brand ensures that their watches stay for as long as possible by reducing friction and wear and tear. This also ensures that the watches have a unique sleek design.

Heritage & Pedigree

In the year 1996, Patek Phillippe launched a campaign that was tagged “Generations” and with this campaign came a motto that describes the brand as something that an individual cannot just own, unless to simply care for it for the people to come. Truth be told, the Patek Phillippe brand has lived up to this slogan in every way. This company has not just transcended from being a pocket watch company (when it was co-owned by Antoni Patek and Franciszek Czapek) with a few aficionados in Geneva it has expanded its base to become a company that has more than 400 retail spots across the globe.


The products of this watchmaker are not only valuable when they are fresh from the workshop, but their second-hand value also tops all charts. As a matter of fact, one of its models (the record holder of the world’s most confounded mechanical watch up to 1989 – Henry Graves Super complication) recently sold at 24 million USD during an auction, making it the costliest watch at any point sold at the sale. There is no doubt, Patek Philippe watch designs are meant for generations to come.


The Patek Philippe brand is the original producer of keyless winding watches, precision regulators, uninterrupted calendar device for watches. As one of the most popular brands across the globe they have created many “first ever watch” for instance, they are the first watchmakers to ever produce women’s watches with complications, the first producer of watches with silicon-base escapement wheel. What’s more a few of their models have received awards for their complicated mechanism and their expensiveness.   


As one of the most popular brands that use Swiss technology in the crafting of watches, Patek Phillippe, is an expert when it comes to fabricating complex movement watches. This puts them at the peak of the most popular brands/suppliers of the best quality watches.

Brand recognition

A standout the many features that set Patek Phillippe apart from other watchmakers is the uniqueness of their products and the timelessness of their watches.