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Updated at 04/09/2019 05:43


Hans Wilsdorf in partnership with Alfred Davis founded Rolex in 1905. Based in Switzerland, this company specializes in manufacturing, servicing, and distributing its watches with the umbrella name of Rolex and Tudor and it does this via its authorized dealers.


Rolex has stationed itself as a pioneer deep in the world of Swiss watchmaking. Boasting more than a hundred years of expertise in the production of elite technical watches, Rolex has continued to make a statement. Rolex watches for men are made in various sizes, and its different metals include gold, stainless steel, optional diamonds, and more.

Heritage and prestige

With its original name being Wilsdorf and Davis, its operations are taken from England to Switzerland and today, the brand has gone on to become a leading luxury brand. Throughout the last century, Rolex has stayed close to the world of motor racing, aviation, as well as, sports and various expeditions owing to its superb technical performance. Rolex has successfully placed itself as a leader in the industrial iconic watches and has caught itself in the heart of watch lovers. Boasting timepieces that are very versatile, Rolex watches will definitely satisfy your taste no matter how sophisticated it is. Rolex SA remains a leader in the manufacture of luxury watches all over the world and currently produces more than 2000 watches on a daily basis while generating billions of dollars in sales annually.


Rolex SA along with its subsidiary which is Montres Tudor SA carry out the manufacture and distribution of premium watches and it was ranked by Forbes in 2018 house number 71 with regards to the worlds most valuable brands. 3 Rolex watches were part of the list of the top 10 most expensive watches to get sold at an auction ever. Specifically, the Rolex Daytona is presently the world's most expensive watch. It is also second in line in terms of the most expensive watch to ever be sold at an auction. The Rolex Daytona fetched about $17.75m in 2017 in New York.



When it comes to innovation in the manufacture of waterproof cases, timekeeping for multiple time zones, as well as the date feature, Rolex is a leader. All around the universe today, timepieces from Rolex have a very high reputation and are an epitome of elegance while exuding prestige in the world of luxury watches. It is the first watch to successfully make it past the COSC.



Every model produced by Rolex is unique and comes with its own distinct features that give you a feeling of success, as well as, power and thrilling adventure.

Brand recognition

The company made the rankings as number 57 in terms of the most powerful brands in the world. A lot of sports events in the world today as sponsored by Rolex ranging from racing and golfing, to yachting and tennis.