Latest TAG Heuer News

Updated at 04/09/2019 05:48

When you trace the roots of TAG Heuer, you find out Edouard Heuer established a workshop in 1860 that later blossomed into this brand. 


TAG Heuer boasts a very rich tradition in terms of tech innovation, and this is reflected in its precision timepieces, premium stopwatches, as well as, its water-resistant watches. As a reflection of its rich heritage, the brand has for many years being closely linked to competitive sports and has successfully provided official timing services at the Olympics, F1 championship, including many other top sporting events all over the world such as automobile racing. All of these, it has done since the beginning of the 20th century. 

Heritage and pedigree 

Today, Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy are the sole owners of TAG Heuer, but it still remains a Swiss brand as it matches every criterion that qualifies it to be Swiss. TAG watches movements are produced in Switzerland, TAG watches assembling is done in Switzerland, and everything that has to do with its final inspection, also, is done in Switzerland. As an LVMH subsidiary, TAG Heuer has done extremely well the 21st century and has successfully expanded its collection past the formerly traditional emphasis that was placed on timepieces built specifically for sports. Now, it has positioned itself as a premium luxury watch brand. 


TAG Heuer has always set out on a journey to find designs that are constructive, technologies that are innovative, as well as ultimate precision. This timepiece maker is situated in Switzerland and boasts about 4 production factories which are experts in the process of making watches. The watchmaking company is actively present in virtually every continent with about 4500 POS'. Additionally, its presence is boosted by its 170 stores that you could access in many countries from its official website.


A widely renowned and very innovative manufacturer, TAG Heuer remains one of the very best in the production of premium timepieces all over the world. Ever since TAG Heuer was founded, this watchmaker has totally focused its activities on precision, as well as, the designing of instrumental chronographs. For motorsports performance to be at its very best, the instrumental chronograph is needed.


If you are someone who loves to go head-to-head with challenges, then, the watches of TAG Heuer are made for you. The timepiece brand has built a solid influence as a Swiss watchmaker, and this is pinned on three pillars which include – Sport, Heritage, and Lifestyle. These unique pillars are reflected in the partnerships that TAG Heuer enters, as well as, its ambassadors as the brand strives to communicate its open-mindedness and how accessible it is.

Brand Recognition 

This leading timepiece maker has continued to show its commitment to adopting innovative techniques and strategies, and in 2004, it successfully released the Monaco V4 which carried a never before seen mechanical movement system. TAG Heuer is definitely a brand of class.