How do we gather information?

We get info from a variety of sources including from our retail partners who supply us with frequent price and product information. We are also able to scan the internet using web crawlers that creates our own index of these information. We take data quality very serious hence we are only get information from trusted sources i.e. Manufacturers websites, trusted retailers etc

How do you keep information up to date?

Watchnerd.com aims to offer you the most up-to-date information by constantly scanning e-commerce sites with intelligent search technology / software.

What are Brand Categories

We have categorised watch brands into four categories from Entry Level to Ultra luxury based on factors like average price point, Heritage/Pedigree, Craftsmanship and Exclusivity

Our categories are as below;


Average Price Point

Entry Level


Basic Luxury

£1500- £5,000


£5,000- £10,000

High End


Ultra Luxury


What are Brand Groups

Watch brands are either independently owned or part of a group. For categorisation purposes we have indicated on each brand page if a watch brand is part of a conglomerate group or is independently owned have . The biggest groups are Swatch Group, LVMH & Richemont

Do I have to pay for watchnerd.com services?

The services provided by WatchNerd are completely free for consumers. There is no charge from users directly or indirectly. We will eventually plan to monetise from our retail partners through advertising, referral and similar revenues strategies.

Can I buy watches from WatchNerd.com?

No, we are not a store. We are providing a product search engine that helps you compare products, prices, stores . When you find the product you are looking for we can help you be referred to a retailer who offers that watch for sale

How can I work with watchnerd.com? How can I promote my watches on watchnerd.com? What is the impression fee? You can contact us on [email protected] for any ideas, information and questions .