Join us on our mission to build the largest collection of watches and retailers in the world

Jan 2019 - Present

Phase 1

Social validation: Instagram Launch

  • 3 Original posts a week
  • The Viral #InfographicsSaturday featuring infographics on the latest topics

July 2019

Phase 2

Watchnerd blog: An opportunity for our followers to engage more in depth with content from our infographics.

  • Weekly Posts
  • Buying guides and watch comparison.

August 2019

Phase 3

Comparison Engine . Users are able to discover watches, brands and retailers of luxury watches.

  • Comparison engine- Compare prices from the top online UK retailers
  • UK price and retailer support

December 2019

Phase 4

V1 launch

  • Brand and watch rating (watchnerd score)
  • My Account
  • Recommendations